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Why You Should Get A Key Organizer

Should I get a key organizer | PocketPro This article was written by our marketing team member, Chipper.


My EDC Background

When it comes to my Everyday Carry, I’m an average Joe. I carry my wallet, my keys, my phone, and that’s about it. Sometimes, I don’t even carry my wallet. I like to keep things minimal, and I embrace the “less is more” mentality. I’ve always been that way.

For as long as I can remember, the sound of jingling keys has annoyed me. If they jingle a couple times, it’s whatever. But if someone lets their keys rattle step after step after step after step… I mean come on! Can you not hear yourself?? That drives me nuts.

I Started Working At PocketPro

I didn’t know that key organizers were even a thing before I started working at PocketPro.

I had a roommate who had a giant keychain that jingled when he walked. Every step sounded like he was a reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh, so when I found out about key organizers, I knew my roommate needed one. However, I wasn’t so sure I did. I typically carried 2 keys at most, and putting them in a key organizer just seemed like I was adding more bulk. So if you’re skeptical about getting one, I get it. I felt the same way.

However, I felt like I needed to at least try one of our key organizers so I could vouch for their quality, and I was pleasantly surprised. I still use my Singularity key organizer to this day.

What I Have Learned

A key organizer is a great tool to have, even if you only carry a couple of keys. Here’s why:

  • It stops my keys from poking my leg or scratching my jeans
  • It keeps my keys silent. They don’t move unless I want them to move.
  • It keeps my keys more compact. No more fumbling around on my keychain. I know where each key sits on the organizer, and I just spin it out when I need to use it.
  • I have now added a multi-tool into my key organizer for when I need a bottle opener or need to cut open a box. It’s nice to have the added functionality.
  • It matches my PocketPro Wallet, which I love.

When I started working at PocketPro, I didn’t even know that Everyday Carry was a thing or that EDC had it’s own niche industry. So I was surprised to find out how diverse, intricate, and nuanced EDCs can be. However, I quickly learned that one’s EDC is really a reflection of their personality and values. You can tell a lot about someone by what they carry every day.

So what can you learn about me from my EDC? My list of essentials is pretty short. I value quality design and functional fashion. I’m more worried about the comfort of empty pockets than the security of carrying survival tools, which means I probably live in a metropolitan area (which is true).

If you’re the opposite of me, then good on you. I think it’s awesome how diverse our EDCs can be, and how it tells a story of who we are, where we’re from, and what we value.

Is A Key Organizer Necessary

Well… that depends on who you are. My wife only carries one key at all times, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to add a key organizer to her EDC. I now carry three keys, and I much prefer having them in one organized tool than freely roaming on a key ring.

My definitive answer is this: If you are carrying 2 or more keys, you should strongly consider getting a key organizer. And if you’re on the market for one, check out our key organizers in our store and see which one best fits your needs. You won’t regret it.