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A Rocket Scientist's Dream

Most rocket scientists dream of walking on the moon or building a Space Station. Not ours.

PocketPro was started by a rocket scientist (yes, an actual rocket scientist) who was sick and tired of his noisy keychain. He dreamed up an organized way of holding all of his keys in one tool – and boom – PocketPro was born. 

Fast forward a couple of years and here we are. You're reading this, and we're making PocketPro products faster than you can say humma-lumma-ding-dong. Pretty neat, isn't it?


Why We Do It

Why would we spend our time manufacturing key holders and wallets in the USA when we could just have a team overseas do it? Well, because we believe in quality. We guarantee our products are stronger and longer lasting than any other option on the market.


So, It's Made In The USA?

PocketPro key organizers made in America

You read that right. Everything we manufacture is created right here in the good ole United States of America. FREEDOM! LIBERTY! ORGANIZED POCKETS! You get the idea.

We're located in a nice little town called Payson, Utah. You probably don't know where that is, and that's okay if you don't. It's about an hour south of Salt Lake City, nestled into the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains. It's quiet out here, and that's how we like it. But don't be fooled by our small town spirit – we'll ship our products to you wherever you might be. And our customer service has small-town roots too, so you know it will be personalized and warm.


Enough About Us

Thanks for stopping by to see who we are! We'd love to get to know you more. Drop us a line on our Contact Us page, or give us your money on our Shop page. Either way, we're happy to hear from you!